Nissan Global

Project:          Nissan Global Auto Show
Year:              2012
Type:              Auto Show
Client:            Nissan/ George P Johnson
Location:       Tokyo, JP; Shanghai, CHN; Paris, FR; Geneva, CHE; Detroit, US; New York, US


Poised to become the internationally recognized image for the Nissan Brand, the new Auto booth design strives to capture Nissan’s dynamic identity which for decades has been driven by a philosophy of innovation in forward motion. The architectural response carries forward this idea through a set of distinct but unifying elements: the central nucleous from which everything evolves and shifts, the rings which encapsulate the heart of display, the long ramp which carries the viewer through the space and products in a fluid evolutionary motion, and an observation deck where the ramp gives way to a plateau from which the viewer is able to look back at the journey taken, filtering back down through the different layers of space and product once again. The Architecture becomes, by virtue of its sculpted and indelible dynamic form, a Modern Responsive Event Space evoking an instantaneous and indelible impression as a global icon with an optimistic and vision and commitment to the future.

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