La Burbuja

Project:       La Burbuja/ The Bubble
Year:           2012
Type:           Mobile Structure
Client:         KCRW_Sonic Trace
Location:    Los Angeles, CA
Length:       8 weeks


La Burbuja is a portable sound studio designed to aid the multimedia storytelling initiative Sonic Trace to record and collect life stories of immigrants as it travels through the city of Los Angeles. Some of the basic questions interviewees are asked to confront include: Why do you go? Why do you stay? And what makes you return? Pure in its form the bubble sound booth comes apart in sections, like a chocolate orange, and is able to isolate sound, creating an intimate environment for users to share their stories without distraction from the immediate context which surrounds them. It presents them with a ‘non-environment’ in which they can reflect on their personal experiences as immigrants and individuals in a foreign culture. The reflective exterior skin on the other hand promotes a certain amount of interaction with the crowd as it allows passersby to see their own reflection in the bubble, so even if they aren’t contributing their own stories, they are able to see themselves in the ones that are told.



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