Hyundai Highboy

Project:         Hyundai Highboy
Year:             2011
Type:             Furniture
Client:           Hyundai/ Jack Morton Worldwide
Location:     North America
Materials:    Aluminum, Wood, Acrylic, Stainless Steel.


Designed and manufactured for the Hyundai Racing team the Highboy table is a unique and transportable custom piece of furniture. The design captures the precision and raw feel of performance racing and forms part of the Hyundai Drift Racing auto experience across North America. Made from raw materials, the table components are machined, water jet and mechanically joined with bolts and screws. A simple pivot point at its center of gravity allows the highboy to easily collapse and be set to its correct height. During the Hyundai Racing events the Hyundai Highboys offered a series of gathering points for people to interact.

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