Heimat Island

Project:           Heimat Island (Competition)
Year:               2013
Type:               Skyscraper/ Disaster Relief
Location:        Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh



Heimat_ISLAND is an architectural response that promotes greater interaction and human understanding of nature and its codependency to it. Situated in ground zero for climate change disasters of the coast of Bangladesh, Heimat_ISLAND is a series of controlled and natural ecosystems as well as five vertical Biomes that explore the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. Providing a permanent place for refuge for thousands of the displaced due to climate change and allowing them for a second chance to responsibly coexist with nature while their homeland they were forced to leave returns to a natural equilibrium. It is an architectural exploration of vertical habitats and its relationship to the collective community that survives and adapts to its new vertical world on the ocean. Through a system of ecosystems we will encourage the reconnection that over time has diminished between humans and the natural world. It is an architecture that protects, and at the same time enhances a sense of identity and awareness towards our natural world, providing a collective social environment that facilitates a truly multi-cultural conversation and interaction between the diasporic. Heimat-ISLAND is a vertical world where Homeland is no longer defined by borders nor by cultural differences, but by the common understanding of our place in nature -a place where nature is not seen as the enemy acting upon us, but rather as the solution to our survival.

The main tower and its ecosystems will utilize and depend on an OTEC Temperature controlled system that will harvest the energy and temperature differences in the ocean in order to aid the vital systems of the biomes and the residential areas. It is a closed loop system that will run trough the entire site and tower dictating specific regions and program placement based on the temperature flow of its cycle. Changing from cooler regions to hot regions the OTEC system dictates the specific placement of certain ecosystems in terrestrial regions and vertical biomes. OTEC technology drives the desalinization plant for fresh water generation, electricity generation through steam turbines, and basic cooling and heating.

Mankind is at the pivotal point to make things right. It is a second change for humanity. It is taking the steps to reinvent ourselves through education and self-awareness. Recognizing that geographical limitations are disappearing and distances shortened in these hyper globalized societies, the mission is to conglomerate in a collective environment that will serve as a Tabula Rasa from where we can only move forward. It is making intelligent choices when it comes to the use of earth’s resources.

“The era of procrastination, of half-measures, of soothing and baffling expedients, of delays is coming to its close. In its place we are entering a period of consequences.”
-Winston Churchill

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